Raised for Local Nonprofits
365 gifts
Totaling $73,065.07
Give to Grow Match Day
Raised for Local Nonprofits
365 gifts
Totaling $73,065.07
Raised for Local Nonprofits
365 gifts
Totaling $73,065.07

How It Works

GIVE TO GROW Day on Friday, November 23, 2018 holds incredible opportunity for nonprofit agencies with funds at the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation

Here's how it works:

          Donors come to the event and make a donation, or make an online (website and app will be made available}, to one or several of the participating organizations

Date:     Friday, November 23, 2018                          


Place:    905 Main St. Sabetha


Time:     12 noon-8:00 p.m. (Online gifts can be made between 12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m. on Nov. 25)


Matching dollars available to: Sabetha Health & Wellness and all endowed funds

$50,000 to SH&W from anonymous


$7,000 to GSCF Community Grants Endowment from United Bank, Von and Jerre Lauer and Kent and Donna Saylor

$2,000 to Sabetha Community Health Foundation Endowment from Kent and Donna Saylor

$1,000 to Kanza Mental Health Foundation Endowment from Kent and Donna Saylor

$1,000 to Mary Cotton Library Endowed Fund from Kent and Donna Saylor


Gifts can be made by cash, check, or online using a credit card. Cash and check gifts should be made in person at the event. Credit card gifts can be made online at a remote location or at the event. When donating by check, one check must be made payable to Greater Sabetha Community Foundation. A separate form will be used to indicate which nonprofit(s) will benefit.



$4,000 is available for hourly drawings - your donation makes it possible for your favorite charity to receive addtional $$

The hourly prizes are made possible from:

GSCF Board of Directors

Von and Jerre Lauer

Scoby Bros. LLC

Rainbow Communications

Paul and Betsy Tedman

Gary and Leslie Scoby      


Building an endowment is critical for the future of non-profit organizations, but each one still faces monthly expenses. They still need contributions to their annual campaigns. GIVE TO GROW Day is an opportunity to grow their endowments exponentially, to enrich their programs for even greater impact for years to come.

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