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Raised for Local Nonprofits
365 gifts
Totaling $73,065.07
Raised for Local Nonprofits
365 gifts
Totaling $73,065.07

ARC Wild - Where Wild Things Teach

Specific Need

* Sponsorship of youth education events 

* Sponsorship of construction for enclosures 

* Sponsorship of animal ambassadors 


DID YOU KNOW? ARC Wild education team is made up of 100% volunteers? Monetary donations a well as in-kind donations are accepted. Contact Sherri at 785-284-2699 to learn more.


We protect what we love - our goal is to reconnect today's youth with nature so they become adults determined to protect it. We will accomplish this through classroom lecture, hands on activities and close encounter with live animals. 


DID YOU KNOW? Director, Sherri McNary has spent the past two years working at the Topeka Zoo in the Gary Clark Education Center as an animal educator and 10 years as a CWR with Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue. She loves it so much, she decided to bring the same opportunities to kids in rural northeast Kansas.  


ARC Wild Inc is licensed by the State of Kansas, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and USDA to utilize live wildlife for the purpose of conservation education.  More than 500 people in northeast Kansas have been reached since the program launched in April, 2018. This program is exclusive to rural northeast Kansas communities. 


The ARC Wild Team includes:

Sherri McNary, Director, Ambassadors, Education

Julie Krebs,Treasurer

Ashley Stalder, Educator

Alaina Mooney, Ambassadors, Educator

Briana Gruber, Education

Wendell Ganstrom, Education

Rich and Kathy Bure, Educator, Animal Ambassadors

James McNary, Board member, construction and maintenance


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2575 W4 Road
Sabetha KS 66534
Phone: (785) 284-2699

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